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About Sasha F. Ganji

Sasha is a Sacramento native, born and raised. He is passionate about serving his community and designing creative solutions to problems of the clients that walk in his door. 

Sasha attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and received his Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy. Upon graduation, he worked as a paralegal for a prestigious Immigration Law Firm in Sacramento, CA for a year. 

After discovering his passion for the law, Sasha attended the University of Notre Dame Law School in Indiana, a program which prides itself on educating "a different kind of lawyer." A different kind of lawyer is one who realizes the practice of law is not an end in itself. It’s the beginning of a new, highly specialized way of giving back. 

Upon graduating law school, Sasha came back to Sacramento and passed the California Bar Exam. He began practicing as an attorney in December of 2012, taking on many clients in need who lacked the ability to pay. 

Sasha has much more direct courtroom and trial experience than is typical for one practicing as long as he has. He began his career resuming the practice of a deceased attorney, jumping directly into the attorney's full caseload and guiding each case to completion, whether through trial or settlement. 

Sasha believes in providing honest and vigorous legal representation to all of his clients, even if it results in less legal fees for him. If a matter can be resolved quickly through settlement, Sasha will do all he can to pursue a settlement instead of unnecessarily drawing out a case. He provides his clients with honest analysis of their cases and keeps them informed throughout the process. He does not hesitate to fight for his client's rights and hold firm when necessary.

Sasha thoroughly advocates for his clients and always pursues the path that is in the best interest for his clients, even if it is contrary to his own interests.




The Law Offices of Sasha F. Ganji offers legal services in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury

  • Family Law

    • Divorce, Child Custody, Guardianships
  • BankruptcY

    • Chapter 7, Adversary Proceedings
  • General Civil Litigation

    • Business, Contracts, Real Estate


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The Law Offices of Sasha F. Ganji has a satellite office located at:

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